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Sickness and death is a necessary stage of life. With the increasing popularity of environmental awareness, many people have chosen the funeral arrangement in a more environmental friendly manner.

Tung Wah Coffin Home is established in 1875, and has moved to the existing site at Sandy Bay Road since 1899. It covers 6,050 square meters of land and offers a pavilion garden and various sized repository rooms. In order to meet the local demands, the Coffin Home provides eco-commemoration niches for rental, which are made of recycle materials. The minimum lease is till the end of current year and the maximum lease is 3 years.
For application, please visit the Wong Fung Ling Memorial Building at 12 Po Yan Street Sheung Wan in person.
Enquiry HotlineˇG2859 7624 / 2859 7681 or press HERE to view the leaflet for details.

Cremated human ashes are harmless after the high temperature cremation. Scattering human ashes in the garden of remembrance not only environmentally friendly, but also allow the ancestors back to the nature.
The general public can scatter the cremated human ashes and conduct simple memorial ceremony at the designated garden of remembrance. The scattering of ashes is held in person or by the staff of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. All these services are free of charge. The public can also subscribe a memorial plaque for the ancestor, which the fee is reasonable.

Designated Garden of Remembrance:

ˇ@ Cape Collinson / TelˇG2556 1377
ˇ@ Diamond Hill / TelˇG2326 0012
ˇ@ Fu Shan / TelˇG2699 5090
ˇ@ Kwai Chung / TelˇG2614 4390
ˇ@ Wo Hop Shek / TelˇG2675 5200
ˇ@ Cheung Chau / TelˇG2981 5177
ˇ@ Lamma Island / TelˇG2981 5177
ˇ@ Peng Chau / TelˇG2981 5177

Scattering of cremated human ashes at sea is environmentally friendly. In order to encourage the public to scatter the cremated human ashes at sea, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has launched a pilot scheme, which provides free ferry service on every Saturday (except public holiday) to facilitate the public in the scattering of cremated human ashes at sea. Each ferry trip can accommodate 25 applicants, and each applicant can bring up to ten family members, relatives or friends on board to conduct simple memorial ceremony. On the other hand, the FEHD provide a memorial website where the public can leave messages for the beloved ancestor with memories.
Designated Sea Areas:

East of Tung Lung ChauˇBEast of Tap MunˇBSouth of West Lamma Channel  

Internet Memorial Service & Scattering of Cremated Ashes

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The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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