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The worshippers usually have the custom of incense-burning, in which they believe the smoke can carry their hopes and wishes up to the heavenly gods for blessing. In order to further protect our environment, it has been years that eco-incense is available for sale at Tung Wah’s self-run and contract-out temples. With the eco-incense having less emission of smoke, the environment in temples is now more refreshing.

@ Made of Natural materials
@ Less emission of smoke. Reduce the blackening
@ Less emission of tar
@ Convenient for domestic use
@ Suitable for temple worship. Minimize the impact on environment


TWGHs directly managed temples

TWGHs Man Mo Temple Virtue Court
TWGHs Litt Shing Kung Kwun Yum Temple, Tsz Wan Shan

TWGHs delegated temples
TWGHs Kwong Fook Tsz *Shea Tan, Yaumatei
*Hung Shing Temple, Wanchai *Shing Wong Temple, Yaumatei
*Tin Hau Temple, Yaumatei *Hung Shing Temple, Fuk Tsun Street
*Fook Tak Tsz, Yaumatei

*Delegated by Chinese Temples Committee
*Shui Yuet Kung, Shan Tung Street

Paper Offerings Stores @

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