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1: Installation of Eco-furnace in TWGHs Temples
With the aid of the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) Committee, Tung Wah is now exploring the installation of the Electro-static Precipitators in other 8 temples and equipped with an eco-furnace in International Funeral Parlour. It aims to further minimize the impact on environment for burning paper offerings and achieve full range of emission reduction and smoke reduction.


2: Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour first launched "Green Eco-worship"

TWGHs Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour has first launched "Green Eco-worship" in which the public can pay homage to the ancestor by burning paper offerings through the virtual furnance.  The "Green Eco-worship" advocates the green funeral with the compromising of Traditional worship and envrionmental protection.

3: Advocate Eco-funeral, Let’s choose Eco-coffin 
To further promote the eco-funeral, TWGHs International Funeral Parlour and Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour are first to introduce the eco-coffins.  The parlours provide different price ranges eco-coffins. These choices are well-received by customers who can choose from these categories based on their budget and needs.

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4: TWGHs International Funeral Parlour & Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour
    Successfully awarded with the tender of Eco Sea Burial

With the concept of being environmental-friendly gaining popularity, there is increasing number of people go for a ‘greener’ ceremony. In view of this, TWGHs lodged an application and was successfully awarded with the tender of provision of services in scattering human ashes at sea in Hong Kong with effect from 14 October 2013. 

There are 4 sails per month with each sail accommodating up to 25 applicants and their 250 family members and friends. Funeral director will also be on board to assist participants with the memorial ceremonies.

For enquiries, please contact our staff of International Funeral Parlour at 2303 1234.

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